Fixed Price Repair

  • Inspection

    All items undergo a full inspection to analyse the reason for return.

  • Repair

    If your unit is returned for repair under the fixed price scheme, you shall have the initial fault repaired along with any other faulty/worn parts replaced and a full system test. If for any reason we are unable to repair your unit we will endevour to instruct the manufacturer to provide further inspection and analysis at no extra cost to you.

  • Clean and pack

    We will fully clean the unit inside and out, removing any dirt and minor surface marks where possible.
    Packing will be replaced when required to ensure safe return transport.

  • No fault found

    In the event of Multicare not being able to find any faults or issues with the returned unit, Multicare will contact you for further information. If we are still unable to find any issue with the unit then an inspection and return shipping fee may apply.

  • Hard Drive

    Knowing how important your data is, we perform in-depth manufacturer test on all media returned. The tests ensures your media is performing correctly and will continue to be reliable. Failed hard drives will be replaced with the same or greater capacity depending on the availability.

  • Additional information

    Unsure if we can provide a repair on your product then please get in touch, we are able to repair many more items than we could possibly mention. All estimates are produced free of charge, return shipping charges may apply.

Xtralis Heitel Fixed Price Repair at Multicare
Xtralis Adpro Fixed Price Repair at Multicare
Pelco Fixed Price Repair at Multicare
Xtralis CamDisc, CamTel, CamServer Fixed Price Repair at Multicare

For more information about our services, please feel free to contact the Multicare team