WEEE Processing

Waste Electrical, Electronic and Equipment (WEEE) Compliance

Profesional disposal of all electronic parts at the end of their life-cycle has become increasingly important due to the impact and protection of our enviroment, Multicare complies with all regulations with regards to the disosal of electronic waste.

Data Disposal

Data disposal on items such as image recorders is taken seriously at Multicare, where possible the data storage device is wiped of all data before being recycled, where this is not possible the data storage device with be physically destryed..


As a repair agent in the electronics and electronic equipment industry, Multicare Electronics Ltd is committed to conducting business in a manner that respects, preserves, and improves the environment. For repairs, a majority of spare parts purchased are direct from the manufacturer and are specified for the repair work being undertaken. Where Multicare Electronics Ltd procures spare parts from other sources, it will ensure that purchased components are listed by the supplier as compliant with the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS II). Where Multicare Electronics Ltd produces product in-house, the components will be specified by the original manufacturer. Components sourced by Multicare Electronics will be authorised by the original manufacturer and RoHS II compliance validated.

Conflict Minerals

Multicare Electronics Ltd recognises and accepts its responsibility as an employer to eliminate, so far as is reasonably practicable, the use of conflict minerals in their repairs and production work. The minerals used to produce tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold – metals which are sometimes found in electrical or electronic devices – are often mined in war-torn or politically unstable areas such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and in some instances fund armed conflict, insurgency and human rights violations. They are known as “conflict minerals”. We condemn human rights violations. We work hard to ensure that these values are cascaded down our supply chain. We comply with laws and reporting requirements which relate to the use of conflict minerals, which may require us to identify conflict minerals in products that Multicare Electronics repair and produce. This means we may need to ask our suppliers (and they, in turn, their suppliers) about conflict minerals in those products.


Let Us Take Care Of You

  • Repair warranty provided
  • Manufacturer authorised
  • Manufacturer trained
  • Confidence in the repair
  • Online tracking
  • Reliable

  • Multiple currencies
  • Warranty repairs
  • Chargeable repairs
  • Quality driven
  • Capable
  • Efficient turnaround

  • ISO 9001
  • Cost Effective
  • Independent
  • Customer focused
  • WEEE compliant
  • Original spares

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